Clear Unity Bags - Clear bags and clear purses for nfl clear bag policy.  All clear bags, clear backpacks are clear stadium bag approved.

Not Your Ordinary Clear Bag

Clear Unity Bags are different than any other clear bag on the market.  We are the only clear bag that addresses WHY you need a clear bag for events - the mass gun violence we are seeing today in America.  We strive to be part of the solution by focusing our mission on saving lives by donating live saving tourniquets to every classroom in America.  Every purchase helps us achieve this mission.

Our clear bags are luxury quality and durable, not like the one-time-use clear bags that fill our landfills.  And even though our clear bags are high end our prices are not.  We keep our prices low because we want everyone to be involved with our mission - because gun violence effects everyone.

We pride ourselves on be a nonpartisan voice in the gun control debate.  While real gun reform needs to be addressed we also need to focus on saving lives now without waiting for the politics of gun violence to keep us from taking action.

We hope that you join us in our mission to saves lives and visit our nonprofit partners at I Can Stop The Bleeding.