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On Days Like Today


What happens to you when you turn on the news and hear about another school shooting?  Do you imagine your children at that school and how they would feel in that situation?  Do you think about the parents of those children and what you would do if the barricades were up and you couldn’t get inside to console your child - if they were even alive.  Do you think about what you were doing when you were in High School?  Do you think about guns and what they are doing to our nation?  Do you think about the gun you own and if it’s stored safely right now?  Do you want to do something about this and don’t know where to start?


Today there was another school shooting - this time in Santa Clarita.  Just as most Americans, my heart aches on days like today.  Almost one year ago, I decided to take this heartache and put it into action that saves lives.  That’s when I discovered the life-saving techniques of stop the bleed training - it saves lives that are impacted by gun violence and brings people together from both sides of the aisle.  I chose to focus on the people not the policies.


I have launched a clear bag line that donates 10% of profits to a charity I founded called I Can Stop The Bleeding.  Yesterday I made my first donation of life-saving supplies to my local school district.  It was an emotional day for me, not only personally to start something and see it through, but for the life-saving implications of what I just did. 


This is only the beginning - I plan to take this nationwide and I can’t do it without your help.  Join me by donating to the I Can Stop The Bleeding nonprofit and when you need a clear bag, get one that actually saves lives.  Once we have made our schools safe I can go back to donating books instead of tourniquets.


Kat shares the moment she made the donation: