Clear Unity Bags - Clear bags and clear purses for nfl clear bag policy.  All clear bags, clear backpacks are clear stadium bag approved.

Our Bags Are Clear. Our Mission Is Clear.


Gun violence in America is a national health crisis.  We are a society traumatized by mass shootings that capture the headlines and stop us in our tracks.  Gun reform is taking center stage with debates about new gun laws, prevention and causes. 

Our mission is different.  We strive to add a non-partisan voice to the debate by focusing on saving lives affected by gun violence.  We know that something has to be done for our communities that are suffering the most from gun violence.  This is why we have chosen to focus on saving lives now and not wait for the politicians or the lobbyist to act.

Through our nonprofit parters at I Can Stop The Bleeding, we bring lifesaving education and supplies to the most vulnerable among us - our children.  Phase one of the nonprofit’s mission is to put a lifesaving tourniquet in every classroom in America.

We donate 10% of ALL our sales to the I Can Stop The Bleeding charity.  So far, we have been able to help them donate over $1,000 worth of life-saving supplies and training materials. 

Stadium Approved Clear Bags With Purpose.


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