The Anna O.U. Blog Features Clear Unity & Our Founder, Kat

The Anna O.U. Blog Features Clear Unity & Our Founder, Kat

The talented and beautiful Anna O.U. featured Clear Unity on her blog back in November '19 - read it below. 


Clear Unity - Great game day bags for an even greater cause.

There’s nothing more inspiring than a girl boss with a good cause. Kat, the founder and CEO of Clear Unity, is using her voice to take on such an important cause that affects many of us – mass shootings. We’ve all probably have seen or heard of a news story concerning a shooting in a public place/school – this is an issue that affects all of us. By selling these clear bags, she is raising money for an important lifesaving cause.

Living this NFL life requires me going to a lot of NFL games. If you’ve never been to an NFL game and you want to bring a bag, it must be stadium compliant – meaning a clear bag or a small bag no bigger than your average wallet or fanny pack. So clear bags in my household are a MUST. To be able to have a bag to carry with me to game days while supporting such a good cause is a win-win.

Before we get into the interview, read a little more about Kat and her brand here!

Read more about this amazing brand and how you can help down below.

  1. What inspired you to start Clear Unity?
The morning after our son was born 20 children tragically lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.  As we sat in the hospital room watching the heartbreaking news and embracing our son’s brave birth mother (both of our children have come to us through the beautiful open adoption process) we felt incredible sadness, shock and horror at the images.  
With each horrific school shooting, I’ve relived the intensity of that moment.  And when the Parkland students complained that their newly enforced clear bag policy wasn’t going to save lives (and I agreed with them), I asked myself, “what if we can create a clear bag brand that actually does save lives?”  
Clear Unity Bags was born to help save lives through a simple, direct-to-mission commitment – every purchase helps us donate lifesaving, stop the bleeding supplies and training to schools across the nation.  We have partnered with the nonpartisan charity, I Can Stop The Bleeding – whose mission is to put tourniquets in every classroom in America and educate the public on how to save lives after a mass shooting occurs.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are even here, but we know that saving lives is something we can all agree on – no matter what side of the gun debate you are on.  By providing both education and live-saving supplies we can have an immediate impact on reducing firearm-related deaths in our schools.
  1. What are your goals for your company?
Our main goal at Clear Unity Bags is to use our brand to build awareness about the importance of learning how to be immediate responders after a mass shooting incident and changing the way we think about having life-saving supplies on hand in all public spaces – places of worship, school campuses, festivals, etc.  Our goal is to partner with like-minded public figures, athletes and performing artists that agree with our mission and encourage venues to take this nonpartisan approach to saving lives.
  1. How is it taking on such an important issue that affects many Americans?  Is it difficult?
I think having a business without a mission behind it would be more difficult for me.  When I sometimes feel discouraged or overwhelmed at the difficulties of building a business, I remind myself that this mission is bigger than me and the best I can do is stay true, have faith and help others to become inspired to take action.  With each positive response I receive from our followers, I am motivated by the good in people — and it keeps me going.
  1. What’s it like being a girl boss with a brand with such a big powerful message?
Being an entrepreneur can be daunting on its own. Add to that being a mom of two young children, one with special needs, and my own personal health challenges (I’m a cancer survivor and in this first year of business I’ve had three major surgeries) – yet still, nothing I’ve faced can compare to having a loved one senselessly killed by gun violence.  It’s through my work in generating awareness about this mission that keeps me going.  It’s the idea that I can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives that makes me feel so honored to be a part of this movement.
  1. What advice would you give to anyone starting a brand, especially if it’s for an important cause?
I have no business starting a fashion brand, much less a social movement.  I bring only my passion and hard work to the table.  If you feel yourself wanting change, wanting things in this world to be different, then start that change inside of you and don’t be afraid of what you need to do to see that change.  It’s about putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. And it’s not about your limitations —it’s about removing the limits of your self-perception and not giving up until you reach your goal.