The Clear Unity, Gifts That Give Back Guide

The Clear Unity, Gifts That Give Back Guide


Introducing The Clear Unity, Gifts That Give Back Guide.  It's filled with gifts you can feel good about giving because ALL of them giveback to a social cause that is meaningful and effective.  Enjoy!


Clear Unity Bags

Of course we added ourselves to this list, we couldn’t resist. Our passion for our mission made us do it.  Clear bag policies are EVERYWHERE, as a result of mass shootings. We are determined to fix the reason WHY these policies are popping up. We do this by donating 10% of profits to the nonpartisan charity, I Can Stop The Bleeding - whose mission is to put life-saving supplies in EVERY classroom in America.  Finally, a clear bag that actually does save lives.  SHOP NOW


This Bar

Our favorite giveback snack fits perfectly into holiday stockings and could give “Santa” that extra boost if he needs to pull an all-nighter wrapping gifts.  Don’t go on a road trip to see relatives this season without a box of these delicious and nutritious snacks.  With a mission to end childhood malnutrition, each bar helps give life-saving nutrition to those in need.  SHOP NOW


Warby Parker

This company brings into focus all that is good about giving.  Not only are their glasses expertly crafted and trendy, they have also made an impact in the classroom (something we appreciate!) with their Pupils Project - giving the gift of sight.  With Warby Parker’s “buy a pair, give a pair” program you can be sure that seeing is believing.  When you get your stylish glasses in the mail they give a pair to a child in need - more than 3 million pairs donated already!  SHOP NOW


Audrey And Bear

For those moms out there who know that a good swaddle = a happy baby, say hello to Audrey And Bear.  But what if that swaddle purchase also gave a swaddle to a mother and baby in need?  Now we’re talking!….shhhhh, quietly.  Audrey And Bear have customizable designs on their luxuriously soft swaddles and more.  Give one, gift one and most importantly — get your baby off to sleep knowing you’ve made it easier for others to do the same.  SHOP NOW



We would be remiss if we didn’t pay homage to the brand that inspired us to start Clear Unity.  The mother of all giveback brands does the walking and we do the….well, following.  With every pair purchased they give a pair to someone in need.  We are consistently impressed with their trendy (and comfy) line of fun and sophisticated shoes.  And they are easy to wrap too!  SHOP NOW


Pura Vida Bracelets

Putting charity center stage with their Charity Collection you can find the cause that means something to you and wear it too.  Not only are these pieces fun and versatile, but each bracelet gives back to outstanding causes, bringing awareness to issues that are personal to each wearer — like saving sea turtles or cancer awareness.  A beautiful thing, indeed.  Handcrafted by artisans from around the world, it’s a win-win for everyone.  SHOP NOW