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The Courage To Help Others


Just 12 hours after our son was born, 20 children tragically lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The shock of this event still haunts me today - a day that brought such joy to our family, but also so much heartache and confusion to so many others.


Seven years prior, I had been diagnosed with a rare appendix cancer that would leave me without the ability to have children. However, after years of testing and recovery, we eventually found ourselves in a delivery room, alongside our son’s birthmother — as she trusted us with the greatest gift imaginable.  I so vividly remember huddling up in the hospital room, hours after the birth of our first child, as we watched on TV these small children, with confusion and tears in their eyes, being escorted out of their school. And on a day that was life-changing for us all, we got another call that would change our lives in a different way — my husband’s father had suddenly lost his life, a grandfather for only 24-hours.  


With every story of a mass shooting, I re-live the shock of that day, as do so many families that have experienced this type of loss and confusion.  Why did this happen?  Why so many young children?  Why my father-in-law? And why on THIS day - the day of our son's birth? 


After the Parkland shooting, I decided enough was enough. I needed to do something.  In the weeks following, when those same students protested that their school’s new clear backpack policy was not a solution, I asked myself: what if we make a clear bag that actually does make a difference?Clear Unity Bags and the I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign were born.  Through pain and sorrow, we need to find something that unites us: the courage to help others.  I have not looked back since. 


-Kat, Founder of Clear Unity Bags & the I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign