The Honest Consumer highlights Clear Unity Bags and our social impact mission

The Honest Consumer highlights Clear Unity Bags and our social impact mission

The Honest Consumer featured Clear Unity Bags on their Social Impact Blog back in November. Check out their great site for conscious living inspirations: The Honest Consumer.


Clear Unity Bags are encouraging people to set aside political views on gun violence & unite over saving lives. Clear bags are becoming mandatory at stadiums & concerts, Clear Unity’s clear vegan bags are crafted to last & donate 10% of proceeds to the nonpartisan charity, I Can Stop The Bleeding, equipping classrooms with life-saving supplies

Clear Unity Bags founder, Kat, felt called to action when learning about Sandy Hook, shortly after witnessing the birth of her child. While researching ways to take action, Kat learned that bleeding out and lack of supplies to stop the bleeding has a huge impact on the death rate when these tragedies occur. Kat knew she wanted to unite people around saving lives. Inspired by Parkland’s clear backpack policy, she decided to start a line of clear bags to help educate people and raise awareness of the importance of taking action after a tragedy has occurred. 

While Clear Unity Bags recognizes clear bags are not the solution to ending gun violence, this social impact brand encourages people to see that clear bags, education, and supplies are something we can all unite around. Clear Unity’s donations to their non-profit, I Can Stop The Bleeding, go toward educating people on practices to stop the bleeding and donating Stop The Bleed Kits and supplies to schools, places of worship and public venues. Clear Unity Bags are all about being part of the solution and a vehicle to get people talking on common ground. Clear Unity is creating a safe space to talk about tough topics like educating community members on what they can do after a tragedy takes place.  

While a lot of stadiums and event centers are making clear bag policies, this can negatively impact the environment due to the disposable clear bags a lot of event centers hand out on site. Clear Unity Bags are ethically made, durable, and crafted to last, reducing the waste of event centers single use clear bags. Clear Unity Bags also plans to expand into more eco-friendly materials as they continue to grow. Luckily, Clear Unity Bags are NFL stadium approved and compliant with most clear bag policies.

Recently I was gifted the Clarity Tote from Clear Unity Bags. This bag is a great size for any event. The boxy style bag gives consumers room for water bottles, wallets, phones, and more. The Clarity Tote is very well made and durable. Ethically made with luxe vegan leather & soft crystal clear vinyl, this tote even comes with a little wristlet for storing money or valuables. I think the silver accents and reflective nature make this a cute clear bag, which is so hard to find. 

I encourage you all to pick up a bag from Clear Unity, so that you have a reusable clear bag for event centers & stadium events. Be part of the solution by supporting Clear Unity’s efforts.


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