About Us

  • At UNITY Collab we believe that unity drives positive change. Launching campaigns-for-good we bring unity, compassion and positivity into people’s lives. We look for the common ground and build unifying solutions to divisive issues.


  • We have donated over 20K to our charity partners. Including stop the bleeding supplies to school districts across the nation. We have doubled our partnerships with charities that have high impact results, including Direct Relief, Crisis Text Line and The Responder Project, which our founder started.


  • Kat Schliemann, our CEO and founder, brings unity to the forefront of her thinking whenever she sees an opportunity to help. She started UNITY Collab because school shootings left her feeling helpless, so she built a nonpartisan movement to save student’s lives with a goal to put stop the bleed supplies in every classroom in America.


Welcome to a collaborative force of unity.