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We are passionate about connecting what you need to why you need it. We bring purpose and compassion to fashion and lifestyle products. We are here to inspire you and help unite you to the people and the issues you care about most.

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We are a unique charitable lifestyle brand that brings you closer to the issues you care about and the products that help you support them. We are here for YOU. We help connect you to the world around you and to the issues and the people you care about most. We give you a gratifying way to give to the charities that matter now. Join us and let’s collaborate. 


Founder, UNITY Collab & The Responder Project (non-profit)


UNITY Collab generously donates to our charity partners. Each sale helps support our campaigns-for-good. We believe when we strive for unity we are stronger and when we collaborate we harness a collective energy that has no bounds. The products we create are an expression of the passion that drives us.

Clear Unity Campaign

UNITY Collab’s charity partner, The Responder Project, is a nonpartisan, charity organization dedicated to saving lives affected by gun violence. The #1 complaint from first responders after a mass casualty incident is the lack of supplies necessary to save lives. The Responder Project, directly donates stop the bleeding supplies and tourniquets to classrooms across America. Used by the U.S. military, these tourniquets are proven to save lives and are designed to provide bystanders and first responders with an essential tool for saving lives after mass shootings. 

Cases For Causes

In direct response to the global pandemic, COVID-19, we rapidly launched our Cases For Causes campaign. This campaign supports Crisis Text Line - when someone is in crisis, they can text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor who will help them move from a hot moment to cool and calm.  The Cases For Causes campaign brings to the forefront the emotional trauma, especially that of frontline responders have had to face due to COVID.

Clear Unity all began with our founder and inspiration,
Kat Schliemann

Just 12 hours after our son was born, 20 children tragically lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut. The shock of this has never left me. After the Parkland shooting I made a personal decision that I needed to do something to help people affected by mass shootings. Living quietly with my horror at these events was no longer an option. So when the Parkland students were complaining about how their clear backpacks were not a solution (and I agreed with them) I asked myself, what if we could make a clear bag that actually DOES make a difference? Clear Unity Bags and The Responder Project were born.

My path did not end there – after Coronavirus struck I once again found myself wanting to help in any way that I could. So we launched our Air Hug It Out campaign to get hospital care workers the equipment they needed to fight COVID-19 and those in need could get critical emotional support. This inspired us to rebrand and launch our unique charitable campaigns that could serve the most immediate need our country and our world was facing. Through our pain and sorrow we can find something that unites us - the courage to help others.